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What Is an IP Camera and How Does It Work?

IP cameras are a necessity to protect your property. We've gathered the most important information about IP cameras and why you should consider getting them.

What Is an IP Camera and How Does It Work?

Every business in Chicago needs to consider what type of security system their business requires and whether they would benefit from IP cameras. IP cameras are known to be very reliable and are steadily growing in popularity. In this article, we will identify what an IP camera system is and how it could help you improve your surveillance system.

What Is an IP Camera?

An IP camera (Internet protocol camera) is a digital camera that sends and receives video via an IP network. IP cameras don’t need a local recording apparatus but rather just a local network. But what is an IP camera system exactly? It is a surveillance system that compresses video footage into files that can be transmitted over a wired network via an ethernet cable or, more commonly, wirelessly via a Wi-Fi router.

How Does an IP Camera System Work?

IP cameras function much the same way as digital cameras, and their surveillance capabilities resemble those of traditional CCTV cameras. What separates an IP camera system is its ability to compress large files and video footage into smaller files that can then be transmitted via the internet by use of an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi network. 

These types of cameras also allow you to view video footage from anywhere in real-time remotely. Once an IP camera system is set up, you can monitor multiple video cameras via the internet. IP cameras are like mini-computers, and if your commercial property already has an internet network setup, it makes installing these types of cameras easy. 

Surveillance System

How to Set Up an IP Camera: 3 Options to Choose from

Wired Network

An IP camera connected with a wire to a network will use an Ethernet cable to transmit the video footage via the internet. This setup is deemed the fastest and most secure because it is least likely to get hacked, and there are fewer chances of signal interference. The Ethernet cable protects the IP camera footage from being accessed by unauthorized personnel.  

Wireless Network

An IP camera connected to a wireless network will transmit and receive footage to a wireless modem using a static IP address. Before choosing an IP security camera with this method of connection, it is important to ensure that the IP address used for the IP camera is not dynamic; this can be verified by contacting your company’s internet provider. 

Cellular Network

Most IP security cameras come equipped with a cellular transmitter which makes this type of setup and installation the easiest. This type of connection may not be the most viable depending on the size of the property that needs to be secured and the number of IP cameras that are connected to a cellular network. This type of connection is convenient for smaller operations but can be slow. 

Top Features to Look for in Commercial IP Cameras

Easy access to the footage and online streaming

Cloud and Built-In Storage

Storage plays an important role when choosing a security system. A cloud-based storage system will allow you to save more data for greater periods. However, this type of storage system can be hacked. 

This is where built-in or hard disk storage comes in. For industries such as the cannabis industry, video footage must be retained for long periods and must be secured. An ideal choice is a hybrid option of both cloud-based and hard disk storage for your IP security camera. 

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Capabilities

PoE is when existing cables built into the Ethernet wire are used to run power to your IP camera. This, in turn, eliminates many of the risks of signal interference and protects the integrity of your recorded footage while only using one cable connected to the Ethernet via a PoE. 

Data Encryption

Video data encryption is an extremely significant feature for IP security cameras. This protects your footage from being accessed or seen by unauthorized personnel. This feature does not only protect your footage but additional company data from being hacked. Hacking and phishing are real threats that all companies in all industries must consider when designing a security system. 

High Video Resolution

An IP security camera will offer you much higher video quality than the typical analog or CCTV camera; it provides a greater range and better field of view. IP cameras have excellent zoom-in capabilities that far out-measure CCTV cameras. If you zoom in on a CCTV camera, the footage will be grainy, but zooming in with an IP camera will give you a much clearer image. 

IP Cameras will keep your business under surveillance

Advantages of IP Cameras for Your Business

The video footage recorded by IP security cameras can be viewed from anywhere using the internet. IP cameras also offer the possibility to view video and audio in real-time much like a live stream. IP security camera systems can also be controlled remotely, which is a great advantage. 

Additionally, IP cameras are easy to install and are a user-friendly system that doesn’t require extensive wires or cables to operate the recording devices. Most cameras come equipped with infrared LEDs, which means they can be used in a low-lit environment, indoors or outdoors. They also have great zoom capabilities and overall better image quality than their analog counterpart. So, to sum up:

  • High-resolution quality image
  • Two-way audio 
  • Few cables or wires
  • Easy installation
  • Indoor and outdoor capabilities
  • Zoom-in capabilities
  • Remote access and viewing capabilities
  • Encryption capabilities

IP security cameras are a versatile tool for a security system. They offer many benefits and features that are highly attractive for any business in any industry, such as retail stores and industrial sites

Forbel: Your Trusted IP Camera Systems Installer in Chicago!

Our IP security camera experts are ready to guide you in designing and installing the right security system that will be best suited for your commercial property. Forbel offers comprehensive and invaluable knowledge to protect your business best. Please contact us today, and we will make sure your commercial site is secured.

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