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Midwest SALTO Installer

Forbel Alarms is your preferred SALTO-authorized dealer in the Midwest. We install the best security system design that perfectly suits your property, and we ensure a superior quality result. For smart locks or any type of door lock installation, we install wireless SALTO electronic access controls.

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SALTO Certified Partner

At Forbel, we recognize that security is of the greatest importance, whether it be gates, sliding doors, cabinets, standard doors, server racks, or any other type of entryway. We install wireless access controls such as SALTO smart card Ncoders and SALTO smart card readers. With SALTO security products users receive efficiently, next-generation, and user-friendly access control for superior security. For security solutions that will lead you safely into the future.

SALTO Smart Access Solutions & Key Benefits

SALTO systems offer you tomorrow’s security today with its highly functional and scalable cloud-based mobile access control system. SALTO systems provide more security to your entryways than traditional keys. This wireless and keyless solution will allow you to experience technological innovation in the most user-friendly way.

All-In-One Smart Keyless Solutions

All-In-One Smart Keyless Solutions

SALTO's cloud-based keyless solution has revolutionized the electronic lock industry. A stand-alone product with mobile applications offering an incredibly high standard security solution for a wide range of industries. SALTO door locks are user-friendly, manageable, and flexible with unique designs that custom-fit any type of property that requires an uncompromising level of security.

  • SALTO Space: SALTO Space offers wireless smart locks that are web-based software management systems that provide access to all doors of the same building. 
  • SALTO KS: SALTO KS smart access control system allows users to open doors in a variety of ways such as digital keys. SALTO KS locks offer a keyless method that provides security throughout the building.

Next-Generation Access Control Benefits

Next-Generation Access Control Benefits

  • Security: SALTO access control systems integrate fully with the existing security system. It provides a high level of security without using physical keys which are a liability.  
  • Design: SALTO door locks offer keyless, integrated security solutions that don’t sacrifice style and custom-fit designs. Highly flexible and scalable security solution.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is synonymous with SALTO wireless locks. It is quick and easy to add or delete users that can access the system. 
  • Efficiency: SALTO lock installation is cost-effective and functional. Integration is a key component of SALTO locks which makes this product reliable and efficient.

SALTO Products for Your Business or Multifamily Property

Security access systems for businesses are crucial, as are multifamily access control and condo access controls. Physical keys can easily be misplaced or duplicated which can lead to threats. Important features of multifamily or commercial properties are integrated, cloud-based mobile access where users can be added and removed with ease like with SALTO door locks. At Forbel, we work with the most professional installers to ensure that you get the security your property requires. 

Salto XS4 and Other Electronic Locks

The SALTO XS4 is a versatile and compatible smart lock security system. It is easy to install and retrofit. This Avant-garde product comes in a design that will suit any setting. It is fully compatible and integrates with ease with existing physical security. The SALTO XS4 access control system can also be installed as a stand-alone device as a smart door lock.

Neo Electronic Cylinders

The SALTO Neo Cylinder is designed for doors that pose a challenge when adding an electronic lock door system. The SALTO Neo Cylinder can be fitted to any door, server rack, gate, cabinet, sliding door, and more. It provides a user-friendly and wireless interface that provides security for any facility. It is one of the most functional SALTO wireless locks.

  • Easy retrofitting: Easy to install and fully compatible, the cylinder can be added to any door. Unlimited design choices.
  • Keyless access: SALTO Neo Cylinder uses smart keys and wireless technology to give users a secure keyless solution. Flexible and convenient.
  • State-of-the-art Security: SALTO Neo Cylinder uses the latest technology allowing for the most advanced keyless solution. SALTO Neo Cylinder is the smart lock any property needs.
  • Smart Access Technology: SALTO Neo Cylinder brings smart access control to any property. It is compatible with any IOS or Android device using the latest Bluetooth technology.

Energy-Saving Devices

Energy costs have risen in recent years, Smart ESD products help property managers significantly reduce energy costs. SALTO Universal ESD systems help optimize energy consumption by adjusting climate control systems in the buildings and turning off lights that don’t need to be left on.

Lockers Locks

Multiple facilities use lockers that need to be locked to protect personal effects such as schools, hotels, sports centers, and the list goes on. Products like XS4 Locker and Gantner NET Lock offer easy-to-install, effective, user-friendly, wireless, and efficient locks for lockers.

Access Controllers

SALTO door locks offer a large variety of door access controllers. Products like CU4000 Door Controller are useful for sliding doors, electronic gates, and other automated barriers. Flexible, secure, and can be integrated into other building management systems.

Wall Readers

In addition to SALTO door locks, SALTO wall readers offer any building a well-rounded, secure, and fully integrated access control system. Such as the Design XS Reader which can offer the highest level of protection with easy installation.

Cylindrical Latch Locks

SALTO door locks provide door latches such as the XS Cylindrical Latch Lock which can be added to any type of door, barrier, sliding door, gate, and more to offer the most convenient and integrated access control.

Mortise Locks

SALTO smart locks offer many products such as XS4 Cylindrical Latch Locks, XS4 Scandinavian Mortise Locks, XS4 ANSI Mortise Locks, and XS4 Euro Mortise Locks which can add reliable and smart access control to any door. Mortise Locks are critical for elevated security with many security functions.

Panic Bars & Emergency Exit Devices

Security is important for any type of property, unfortunately, not all doors can be fitted with an electronic lock. SALTO locks offer electronic door lock cylinders such as the XS Panic Bars that can fit any door.

Neoxx Padlock and Other Electronic Padlocks

The SALTO Neoxx padlock offers a portable, electronic, secure, and reliable access control option when one is in the field and on the move. These padlocks are suitable for any door and provide elevated security on the go.

Motorized Locks

The SALTO motorized Danalock is a keyless smart lock designed to offer a high level of security to any type of property. It is versatile, flexible, convenient, and secure keyless access control.


Every property requires a different type of security depending on the amount or types of users. SALTO credentials for smart locks come in many different styles such as paper hotel key cards, bracelets, key Fobs, and key cards. Reusable, secure, cost-effective, and convenient access control solution.


SALTO smart locks offer a platform that is user-friendly, easily integrates with other systems, programmable, and versatile. SALTO peripheral devices such as SALTO Space Management Tools, SALTO Space BLUEnet Wireless, and SALTO KS IQ are components that add to your property’s security.

Why Choose Forbel?

Full-Scale Project Management

When we say "turn-key," we mean you won't have to lift a finger. With Forbel you'll experience in full what it means to let a professional team take care of your "security question." Forbel offers full-scale project management for all your security systems. Choose Forbel for complete peace of mind that your security system is up-to-date and working optimally!

Remote Security System Assessment

We offer an onsite/remote technical assessment of your existing security system or site survey that helps ensure the best solution for your specific architecture, business, and industry needs. Our team of experts will provide you with up-to-date advice on the best security solutions for your individual needs. Count on us to make sure all your security system needs are met!

Planning and Procurement

No need to worry about procurement and finding good installers. Forbel will take care of everything. Being an official distributor of Eagle Eye brand concerning surveillance systems and many other well-known brands of other security systems, you can rest assured you'll get the best options on the market!


No need to mention that we're a company widely known for our quality focus. Learn what our customers say about us and will have no doubts left.

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What is Salto's access control?

Stand-alone locking devices and products that utilize the latest technology to offer a high level of security.

What is Salto-inspired access?

Flexible and functional access control that can be added to any type of property and door.

How does Salto work?

It is customizable access control that allows property managers to grant access on demand.


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